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Nick's Rug Company, Inc. – Carpets | Framingham, MA

Since 1953


Our service specialties are Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning. Our area rug cleaners are especially trained to assure our customers the highest quality standards in the carpet and rug cleaning industry. Area rugs are cleaned in our cleansing plant. The rugs are washed, rinsed and hung to dry in our specially designed temperature and humidity controlled dry room. After the rugs are dried, they are inspected.


If there is a need for further attention or cleaning, we will repeat the process. Sometimes the condition of certain rugs warrant two or three cleaning to get them looking better. There is no extra charge for multiple cleanings. Wall to wall cleaning in your home or Office We use the Host Dry Extraction System. This system is simple, safe and very effective. Your newly cleaned rug is ready to be walked on immediately. Clean your carpets this afternoon, have your dinner party tonight.


We also do oriental rug fringing, binding, alterations and repairs. We can also customize rug pads to fit your specific rug dimensions. Please call in ahead or we'll cut them while you wait!

Oriental rug

Get a truly remarkable clean from your local rug and carpet cleaning specialists.

Reliable Cleaning, Restoration, and Repair Services

Cleaning is the perfect time to have your carpets or rugs inspected and repaired, so they truly look like new.


In addition to our professional cleaning systems, we offer oriental rug fringing, binding, alterations, and repairs, as well as a variety of carpet repair and restoration services for both homes and offices.

Exceptional Carpet and Rug Cleaning and

Care Services

Keep your floors and rugs looking their best with the help of Nick's Rug Company, Inc. You can always count on us for a great clean at a great price!


Our professional rug cleaning services utilize a specially designed temperature and humidity controlled room for reliable drying.


Additionally, our simple, effective carpet cleaning system is ready immediately, so you're never stuck waiting around for it to dry!


Give us a call today at 508-875-8998 to schedule a FREE in-home cleaning and repair estimate.




Q. What are your store hours?


A. We are open Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday from 8:00am to Noon. (Call for our summer hours).


Q. How long has Nick’s Rug Co. been in business?


A. My Dad started the business 61 years ago in 1953. When he retired in 1981, I became the new owner of Nick’s Rug Co.


Q. Is Nick’s Rug Co. owner operated?


A. Yes, I am at the store every day. I literally live here. Just ask my wife!


Q. Do you take credit cards?


A. Yes, we accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover Card.


Q. Besides selling carpet, luxury vinyl tile, laminated floors, window blinds, rug pads, remnants, area rugs and cleaning supplies, what else does Nick’s Rug Co. do?


A. We clean Orientals and other area rugs at our cleansing facility. We clean wall to wall carpet in your home or office. We repair oriental rugs and sew on new fringes. We bind rugs, make alterations to rugs, custom cut pads to fit your rugs and do wall to wall carpet repairs and restretching.


Q. Do you send area rugs out to be cleaned?


A. No, we clean the rugs ourselves in our own cleansing plant. We are the place where other cleaners and oriental dealers send their rugs to. By doing the work ourselves, we have more control with the cleaning results. If necessary, we will repeat the cleaning up to three times (at no extra charge) if we feel the rug will turn out better than it did the first or second cleaning.


Q. Will I save money if I bring my rugs to your facility myself?


A. Yes, you will earn a savings of 30% off the price that includes pick up and delivery. You may also save more money by printing the coupons in this website.


Q. When I drop off my rug to Nick’s, how long does it take before they are ready for me to pick them up?


A. We will have your rugs ready anywhere from 4 to 6 working days. We can have them ready faster if you need them sooner. We can have the rugs dry cleaned in one day for emergency requests, because there is very little drying time needed.


Q. If I’m not able to bring my rugs in for cleaning, can Nick’s pick up and deliver back for me?


A. Yes, we can pick up and deliver at no extra charge if the rug(s) are rolled and ready for our driver and you live in our area. If the rug(s) needs to be rolled and relayed, we charge a modest minimum charge of $30.00 per roll up and relay visit. The price could be higher for extreme cases of furniture moving.


Q. What cleaning method do you use for cleaning wall to wall carpet?


A. We use the Host Dry Extraction method. In our 61 years of experience, we have tried all the other methods. I have found that the Host system is far superior to the other methods and is safe for your carpet unlike the problems that can occur with steam cleaning your carpet. (click carpet cleaning and I will show you the advantages of Host Dry Carpet Cleaning over wet cleaning)


Q. Where is your flooring and window blind showroom?


A. It is at the same location as our cleansing plant at 1151 Worcester Rd. (Rt. 9 W) Framingham, MA. Click on directions to see how easy it is to get to our facility.


Q. When I place an order for carpet and flooring, how long does delivery take?


A. Much of what we display is in our warehouse in Augusta Maine. Shipments to us are on Tuesdays and Fridays. The average time can vary from possibly the next day to one week or 7-14 days if the materials have to be shipped up from the Georgia Mill.


Q. Do you charge for estimates?


A. Unlike some flooring retailers today, Our Estimates Are Free! The only estimates that we charge for are insurance estimates because of the time we put into them. These charges are normally reimbursed back to you by your insurance company.


Q. Can we take samples home with us and do we need to leave a deposit?


A. Yes, we encourage you to take samples home to see what they look like in your own lighting and surroundings. I never take an order from a customer until they do this. The lighting at my store is always different from your lighting at your home. We don’t need a deposit for you to take home our samples.


Q. Do you have your own carpet installers?


A. Yes we do. I am fortunate to have excellent installers. I installed for many years for Nick, my Dad, so I know the installation trade very well. Installation is the most important part of a carpet purchase. If you don’t get the carpet installed properly by experts, the  investment that you’ve made may have lost it’s value already.


Some consumers put saving a few dollars at a home center ahead of dealing with a reputable company that specializes in flooring and installation.  Many of these Home Centers have no idea who your installer will be. I can tell you who is coming to your house. My house crew has been with me for 24 years. I know the character of the person who is going to be in your house and how important these men are for our reputation and for repeat business.


Many of our customers ask for Terry and Gregg by name to come back to their house to install their next carpet purchase. Afterall, that's what sense of "family" is all about, right?


Q. Are there any times that you are closed for more than one day?


A. We are a family business and I run my business that way. I believe that we all need time away from work to stay healthy and happy. We close the store the week between Christmas and New Years, The first 10 days of July, Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend.


Q. Why should I do business with Nick’s Rug?


A. I’ll make this answer simple. When my Dad turned over this business to me, he had a tremendous reputation for quality and taking care of his customers. To this day, we still have continued that policy. It’s the greatest feeling when people come in and say they are here because of our reputation and because of the good things that they have heard about us. I love coming to work and the feeling the pride that goes with striving to keep the reputation that my Dad achieved and seeing satisfied customers, most of whom I know by their first names.


The Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System

When carpets are cleaned improperly with wet methods, split seams, shrinkage, mildew, delamination, color fading, and other problems can result from over wetting and often the carpet becomes dingy and dull. The dry extraction method utilized by Nick’s Rug Co., Inc. can restore color and brightness and your carpets will look and feel fresh because the Host machine lifts up matted and twisted carpet fibers.


The Host cleaning method is recommended by carpet and fiber manufacturers who actually test this method. Among carpet manufacturers recognizing the superior Host method are Karastan, Shaw, Mohawk, Dan River, Fabrica, Lees, Stratton, and Interface. Fiber manufacturers include DuPont, Allied and Monsanto.


The Host method is a dry process which has five steps:

  • First the area to be cleaned is vacumed thoroughly.

  • Second, (if needed) the heavily soiled areas are misted with a prep solution. This breaks the oily bond that holds dirt to the fibers and the solution dries instantly.

  • Next a dry extraction cleaner (host) is scattered over the area to be cleaned. This compound is then brushed through the carpet with the Host machine. The machine is equipped with two self cleaning nylon bristle brushes that move with an uplifting action to revive and restore matted carpet fibers. This brushing action produces thorough and even results on all surfaces of the yarns. The machine is easily adjusted to clean stairs. Since the compound is dry, you never have to worry about the soil draining to the bottom of the carpet.

  • The Host compound (or sponges) dissolves and absorbs the soil. A built in deodorizer reduces odors, it doesn’t just mask them. There is no extra charge for the deodorizer because it is part of the compound.

  • The last and final step is a thorough vacuuming to extract the sponges and the embedded dirt it has absorbed. No soiling residues ever remain and spots won’t return several days later as is often the case with the wet cleaning methods.

The Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Advantage


Deep cleans and lifts mated pile

Never over wetting

No wick back of spots or dirty areas

No sticky residue to cause resoiling

Removes dust mites, mold, allergens

No wet carpet

Rooms back in use immediately

No fans needed to speed up drying

No humidity from cleaning

No need for furniture leg protectors

Never any damage from shrinkage or Split seams

Never any damage from mold or mildew

Safe for all types of carpets and rugs

All natural and safe for people & pets

Safe for the environment


Does not lift pile

Over wetting is common

Spots & dirt can wick back

Sticky detergent residues can resoil

Damp carpet can promote growth  of Mold, mildew, dust mites and allergens

Carpet can take 6-24 hours to dry.

Even Longer during humid periods.

Rooms out of use until dry

May require fans to speed up drying

Moisture can introduce excess humidity

Requires furniture leg protectors

Too much water can cause damage Split seams

Too much water can promote mold

Not recommended for many natural fibers.

Chemicals can be a skin or eye irritant

Dirty water can be an environmental issue


We also specialize in cleaning your carpets usine the Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System was developed to clean carpets the way they should be cleaned. Very simply, this means removing the soil.


Host Dry Cleaner dissolves and absorbs deep down soil and spots. The brushing action of the Host machines works the cleaner through the carpet while lifting and straightening the pile. This makes it easier to vacume the dissolved dirt, greases, sugars, syrups and other spots that wet methods often fail to remove completely and provides immediate and visible results.


HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner meets Green Seal’s environmental standard for industrial cleaners based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential.