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Get top-quality carpeting, rugs, or laminate flooring for every room of your home.

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A custom carpet installation can add value to any property, and our variety of laminate colors and finishes offer unprecedented, durable beauty for heavily trafficked areas.


Whatever you're looking for in your new flooring, you can depend on our professionals to find a carpet or laminate solution to match.

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The right flooring can bring out the charm of your room. It is often the most important choice you can make when you decorate your interiors.


Choose from a wide variety of high-quality carpet and flooring at Nick's Rug Company, Inc.


No matter what your personal style or price range, we have great flooring options to fit your needs.


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Popularity of laminate flooring has been skyrocketing for the last few years. Laminate is so well liked by homeowners because of its durable finish, and easy maintenance. We offer a wide variety of colors, species, and finishes which will add beauty and value to your home or office.


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